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with Shree Hari Smruti to all readers of our 'Shree Swaminarayan' monthly magazine. Editor. Mahant Swami. Shastri Swami Harikrishnadas. October • VADTAL DHAM The Lotus shaped Swaminarayan Temple got constructed by Brahmananad Swami at the inspiration of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Harililakalpataru; Purushottam Charitra; Shikshapatri; Bhayatmanand Swamini Vato; Purushottam Prakash; Hari Smruti; Bhagawan Swaminarayan Etale?.

Even we have heard Lord Indra fighting to protect his seat- Indrasan. So even the deity Indra also faces difficulties as we face it here in this world. So even the deities are unsatisfied and they also desire eternal happiness. Then who is superior deities or we. Certainly deities because they have more happiness than we do. But they do not have any means to obtain Parmatma and we have more opportunities than the deities do.

So we are luckier than the deities. There are two things inside us to obtain happiness. One is animate and another is inanimate. The body is inanimate and the soul is animate. The body wants the world and the soul wants Bhagwan.

And what does Parmatma want? Simply we have to be innocent as we were in the past. With our growing up, we also observe, notice, learn and imbibe hypocrisy, cunningness etc. A little child will always tell a truth. He would speak as he would see. It is very difficult to recognize Parmatma as it is told by the scriptures and the Vedas. This depends upon Bhagwan. We know that the real saints had recognized Bhagwan.

But there is one condition and this condition is very easy. We have to abandon our pride and we have to seek shelter of Bhagwan, we have to surrender ourselves and then we would experience Bhagwan in our life. But what do we do in our real life? We surrender ourselves to this world and then we expect happiness from Bhagwan. And when we do not get it, we start blaming temples, idol images, saints, Bhaktas etc.

Any edible item cannot be sweeten by adding salt into it. We have to add sugar only if we want to sweeten the edible item. We can befool others but not Bhagwan.

There is much garbage inside us. So first of all we need to cleanse our heart and our inner self. We have to make our body a means to obtain Parmatma. If we start sitting for a while with ourselves and start talking with ourselves, we would come to know what do we know really. And if we are really crazy to obtain Parmatma, He would surely help us.

Parmatma does give signal in one or the other way. We just need to think for a while. Most of the time, a man is not ready to look at his own faults and he is eager to look at the Doshas of others. They also take pleasure if making allegations and then spreading such rumours. Ninda is not proper. Instead of doing Ninda of others one needs to improve himself.

Look at yourself. And take care of yourself. A person who abuses others is really a bad person. Many a times Bhakta of Bhagwan is found with such Doshas. However, such a person is considered the purifier as he purifies the Doshs of others. Therefore, prudent men should not abuse others. By doing Ninda of the saints cattle is destroyed. By Ninda of women wealth is destroyed. By Ninda of king family is destroyed. By Ninda of Guru prosperity is destroyed and Punyas are destroyed.

One should leave the place where Ninda of Guru is being made but those who are capable should punish such abusing persons. So Ninda is a way to hell and Ninda is a Great Sin. There is no sin like Ninda and there is no Punya like Sewa. Many people are habituated of doing Ninda through their bitter tongue and they cannot stop their tongue.

Bhagwan has kept eyes and ears open but the tongue is kept behind the shield of thirty two teeth and further fortified by the gate of two lips. And yet this tongue cannot remain under control and silent. Like our conduct and behaviour we should also pay attention towards what is good and what is bad in uttering the words through tongue.

A wise man should use the words very carefully and that these words should be true, sweet and benevolent in nature. Some people are used to doing Ninda of others. They love to do so. It is very difficult to get out of such bad habits but gradually it is possible to come out of it through constant alertness and with sustained and conscious efforts. We need to identify such Doshas lying hidden in us and we need to get rid of them. A person desiring Atyantik Kalyan has to always remain alert and should not remain lazy.

The senses should be taken care of like enemies and they should not be relied upon even upto last moment. There is no benefit in speaking improper words but there is certainly loss in it.

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The tongue spoils the stomach by eating not-eatable items and spoils our relations and worldly affairs by speaking notpermissible words. Bhagwan has granted us two ears and only one tongue. Its message is to listen attentively with both the ears and to speak half of what do we listen. It is fine that we should not harm others through our conduct but it is equally essential that we do not harm others through our tongue.

The poison which goes in the stomach kills a man immediately but the poison of tongue which goes through the ears kills all gradually.

In short Par-Ninda is the great obstacle of the way of a Sadhak.

Therefore, if we want to be happy in our life we should drink water well-sieved and should speak words with due care and caution. There are many benefits in speaking less and remaining silent.

All people like flowers because they spread fragrance while remaining silent. Similarly our tongue has to be kept under control through consciousness and patience and we should abstain from Par-Ninda and this will lead us to strength of Dharma.

In the morning from 6. Thousands of devotees of Desh-Videsh availed the benefit of divine darshan of this pious occasion. Shri Acharya Maharaj. At last H. Shastri Swami Narayanmunidasji. The whole day, people had thronged together in the temple premises to perform the divine Darshan of the deities.

At night from 8. Shri Gadiwala and H. Shri Raja had also graced Haveli of ladies devotees. At Swami, Yogi Swami etc. Shri Acharya Maharaj, H. After the inspirational speeches by the saints, poojan of newly constructed and artistic marble Barshakh was performed in Vedic tradition. Devotee Shri Himatbhai Vashrambhai Lakkadh through Pram Dharmendra Lakkad family had rendered the services as the host of this divine occasion.

With the directions and blessings of H. As regards acquisition of land for the temple, all financial support was provided by Shree Swaminarayan temple, Kalupur, Ahmedabad. On this occasion, religious as well as social activities were organized. On the 4 th day H. Shri Mota Gadiwala had graced the occasion and granted the benefit of divine Darshan and blessings to the ladies devotees.

Shri Acharya Maharaj graced the occasion and performed the ritual of invocation of the idol images of Thakorji, Shree Ganpatiji and Shri Hanumanji amidst the chanting of Vedic Mantras and also graced the sabha organized on the occasion. In the sabha, concluding ritual of Katha was performed and blessed all the host devotees who rendered their beautiful services during the Mahotsav.

During Mahotsav, Nagaryatra of Thakorji was organized wherein about more than 10, Haribhaktas participated. Shree Narnarayandev Yuvak Mandal, Haribhaktas rendering services in administration matters and ladies devotees rendered their beautiful services. Among the saints Shastri Kunjviharidasji, Shastri Gopalcharandasji and Shatri Divyaprakashdasji had rendered their beautiful services. This Mahotsav will remain a memorable experience for all the devotees and Haribhaktas.

Sadguru Mahanubhavanand Swami had performed Satsang at this place. With the blessings and inspiration of H. Shri Gadiwala the dilapidated old temple was renovated and in just one year the construction work of the temple was completed.

Shri Gadiwala had graced the occasion. Ritual of invocation of idol image of Thakorji was performed in Vedic tradition. Shri Acharya Maharaj had offered Pagh turban to Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj and the whole atmosphere was charged with divinity on this pious moment.

Thereafter in the Sabha, the host devotees had performed poojan-archan of H. The donors who had rendered their beautiful services for construction of the temple were honoured on this occasion. Shri P. Swami, who had supervised the whole construction work of the temple, was honoured by H.


Shri Achrya Maharaj with garland. Trustees of the temple were also honoured. Shri Acharya Maharaj blessed the whole Sabha and insisted for scrupulously following Niyam, Nischay in daily life. Services of Swayamsevaks and Mahila Mandal were very inspirational. During the whole programme, saintMandal of Jetalpurdham had rendered their beautiful services.

Shri Mota Maharaj and with the inspiration of Shastri P. Swami of Jetalpurdham, 8th Patotsav of Shree Swaminarayan temple, Bhaupura was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Shri Acharya Maharaj graced the village and samaiyu was performed. Thereafter, H.

Shri Acharya Maharaj performed pooja and Abhishekaarti of Thakorji. In the Sabha organized on the occasion, the host devotees had performed poojan-aarti and obtained the blessings of H. Saints of Jetalpur, Anjali, Naranpura and Muli had delivered their inspirational speeches wherein it was referred to the important direction of H. Shri Acharya Maharaj blessed the whole Sabha. Swayamsevaks and Kothari had rendered their beautiful services on this occasion.

Shri Mota Maharaj and with the inspiration of Mahant Shastri Swami Hariomprakashdasji, 21 s t Patotsv of Shree Swaminarayan temple, Naranpura was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by all ladies devotees of Mahila Mandal. Shri Gadiwala graced the each day of Katha. Shri Mota Maharaj at 6. The host Haribhaktas were honoured with garlands on this occasion. Shri Acharya Maharaj graced the occasion and performed the concluding ritual of Ktha. The host devotes and leading devotees Shastri Madhav Swami had performed poojan and obtained the blessings of H.

Thereafter, website of the temple was inaugurated by H. Shri Acharya Maharaj followed by Annakut Aarti. Prasad of Annakut and Dudh of Abhishek was distributed among the poor. Thereafter this Granth was unavailable. Its translation in prose got done by Jetalpur temple from Shastri Swami Uttampriyadasji and it was published. Accordingly, its first Katha was organized on this pious occasion of th Patotsav of the temple.

Shri Mota Gadiwala used to grace this Katha everyday and to grant divine Darshan to the ladies devotees. Its concluding ritual was performed by H.

Shri Mota Maharaj performed th Patotsav Mahabhishek of Thakorji in Vedic tradition and performed ShangaarAnnakut Aarti and graced the sabha organized on the occasion.

Abhishek of Shree Radhakrishnadev in the temple of ladies devotees was performed for the first time by H. Shri Gadiwala. Wonderful Annakut Darshan-aarti were performed by H. Shri Raja on this divine occasion. Swayamsevaks of Jetalpur, Kankaria and Anjali temple had rendered their beautiful services.

Mahant K. Shodasopchar Mahapooja, poojan-Abhishek of Thakorji etc. Thereafter H. Shri Mota Maharaj graced the occasion. Shri Mota Maharaj had blessed the whole Sabha. He died in VS in Dholera. In Swaminarayan Hinduism , Nishkulanand Swami is regarded as an ideal example of vairagya , or non-attachment to worldly objects.

His name implies this "Nishkul" meaning one who is devoid of family maya [5] He died at the age of 82 while residing in Dholera.

In Gadhpur he used to display his artistic skills during Diwali celebrations by presenting decorative plants and trees adorned with kindling lights and lighted canopy to cover the seat of Swaminarayan.

Bhaktichintamani 22 Granths are from Nishkulanand Kavya 1. Vachan means commandments of the Lord and Vidhi means testament. One can attain closeness to Purushottam Narayan through various devotional practices.

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Charnarvind Dhyan Eng.And therefore these poems have become very popular! Shri Acharya Maharaj had offered Pagh turban to Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj and the whole atmosphere was charged with divinity on this pious moment.

He said, "It is ready" and brought it. So Uddhavji was sent to Gopis and there he stayed for fifteen days with Gopis and resultantly Bhakti was added to his knowledge stored in his mind and Uddhavji was transformed into Bhagwat Bhakta.

Jagani and Dr. The Sabha was conducted by Shastri Swami Chaitanyaswaroopdasji.

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