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BRX44 thru BRX47 BRX 2. Motorola Thyristor Device Data. THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS. Characteristic. Symbol. Max. Unit. Thermal Resistance, Junction. BRX49 SCR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. BRX49 Datasheet, BRX49 PDF, BRX49 Data sheet, BRX49 manual, BRX49 pdf, BRX49, datenblatt, Electronics BRX49, SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER.

However, no type of thyristor is required to block offstage voltage at any time during or immediately following the overload.

Thus, in the case of a triac, the device need not block in either direction during or immediately following the overload. Usually only approximately one hundred such current overloads are permitted over the life of the device. These nonrepetitive overload ratings just described may be divided into two types: multicycle which include single cycle and subcycle.

For an SCR, the multicycle overload current rating, or surge current rating as it is commonly called, is generally presented as a curve giving the maximum peak values of half sine wave onstate current as a function of overload duration measured in number of cycles for a 60 Hz frequency. Motorola Thyristor Device Data For a triac, the current waveform used in the rating is a full sine wave.

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Multicycle surge curves are used to select proper circuit breakers and series line impedances to prevent damage to the thyristor in the event of an equipment fault. The subcycle overload or subcycle surge rating curve is so called because the time duration of the rating is usually from about one to eight milliseconds which is less than the time of one cycle of a 60 Hz power source.

Overload peak current is often given in curve form as a function of overload duration. This rating also applies following any rated load condition and neither offstate nor reverse blocking capability is required on the part of the thyristor immediately following the overload current. The subcycle surge current rating may be used to select the proper currentlimiting fuse for protection of the thyristor in the event of an equipment fault. Since this use of the rating is so common, manufacturers simply publish the i2t rating in place of the subcycle current overload curve because fuses are commonly rated in terms of i2t.

The i2t rating can be approximated from the single cycle surge rating ITSM by using: where the time t is the time base of the overload, i. Repetitive overloads are those which are an intended part of the application such as a motor drive application.


Since this type of overload may occur a large number of times during the life of the thyristor, its rated maximum operating junction temperature must not be exceeded during the overload if long thyristor life is required.

Since this type of overload may have a complex current waveform and dutycycle, a current rating analysis involving the use of the transient thermal impedance characteristics is often the only practical approach.

In this type of analysis, the thyristor junctiontocase transient thermal impedance characteristic is added to the users heat dissipator transient thermal impedance characteristic.

Then by the superposition of power waveforms in conjunction with the composite thermal impedance curve, the overload current rating can be obtained. The exact calculation procedure is found in the power semiconductor literature. In this mode of operation, the SCR is held in an off condition for a portion of the positive half cycle and then is triggered into an on condition at a time in the half cycle determined by the control circuitry in which the circuit current is limited only by the load the entire line voltage except for a nominal one volt drop across the SCR is applied to the load.

One SCR alone can control only one half cycle of the waveform.

For full wave ac control, two SCRs are connected in inverse parallel the anode of each connected to the cathode of the other, see Figure 2. THORN mains input choke 6.

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All reasonableprecautions are taken by Television toensure that the advice and data given toreaders are reliable. We cannot howeverguarantee it and we cannot accept legalresponsibility for it.

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