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Shiv Charitra In Marathi Pdf

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The book is also there in audio format, you can take a look. All 10 videos with 1 hr duration each- and that too in the voice of the inimitable Shivashahir. Shivcharitra in marathi PDF. bacttemcocani.mlot. in/ /shivc Shiv Charitra by . Where can I download Secret in Marathi as a PDF? Can I get Marathi book Chava in PDF format? This is the pdf of Shiva Charitra by.

After bathing, Sharmishtha confuses Devayani's sari with hers and puts it on instead.

Devayani returns, scolds Sharmishtha for her mistake and belittles her with the jibe that she is the daughter of Shukracharya Shukracharya being a sage and high priest and indeed the guru of all the Asuras - no mere employee as Vrishparva's and their Kingdom lives on his blessings. This slur on herself and her father Vrishparva infuriates Sharmishtha.

With the help of her servants, Sharmishtha throws the naked Devayani into a well and leaves the forest with her retinue. Sharmishtha's father, Vrishparva agrees to this, since he fears that the continued security of his kingdom would be in doubt without the sage counsel of Devayani's father Shukracharya. Sharmishtha also agrees to this to save the kingdom and becomes Devayani's maidservant. Some days later Devayani goes on a picnic in the forest with her servants including Sharmishtha.

Devayani observed this, introduced Sharmishtha as her slave and also claimed that he should become her husband as he has held her hand while helping her out of the well. He refuses and says that, if he were to do so, he could not face the wrath of Shukracharya. Nevertheless, Sharmishtha manages finally to convince him, saying that it would be against Dharma if he were to refuse her request; he being the king, it is his responsibility to ensure the needs of the citizens and she is desperate to have a child.

He reluctantly agrees and they begin a relationship, in the hopes that she will conceive. Eventually Devayani learns of her husband's affair with Sharmishtha and complains to her father.

Shiv - Charitra (छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज चरित्र)

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