In another book dedicated to the purpose – The God Game: . celestial factory which takes raw material – unconscious souls – and processes them. 1Cs0Pl2Hi - Read and download Mike Hockney's book The God Factory in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free book The God Factory by Mike Hockney. Ebook: The God Factory Sіzе: MB Fоrmаts: pdf, android, audio, text, ebook, epub, ipad. Аthor: Mike Hockney Dаtе аddеd: The God Factory.

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It ends the rule of elite, dynastic families of extreme privilege who rig the game of life in their own favor. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation or. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mike Hockney is a senior member of the Illuminati. The God Factory (The God Series Book 2) by [Hockney, Mike]. This is the introductory text of the "God Series" of books in which the Pythagorean Illuminati reveal, for the first time in the public domain, the "answer to.

The year is and human population has reached 10 billion. In a densely populated mega city, blighted by social problems, unemployment and declining living Gabriel Joshua has risen from the Makoko slums of Lagos, Nigeria, to become an internationally acclaimed speaker on African poverty, the economy, terrorism, c This novel tells two stories of self discovery, that of 34 year-old Constance, an Australian living in present day Spain, and that of her Kiwi friend Matt, Ritchie Ufuo, recent graduate of a Pennsylvania university, moves to Tokyo where he runs into the champagne-and-cocaine Soren Soutern.

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Meet Pete and Andrew. They've invented the "Seabin" and your little reader can learn all about it in our latest non-fic Four-hundred-year-old vampire, Juliana Bristow, had living, while actually being dead, all figured out.

That is, until he came along. Interestingly, the famous string theorist Michio Kaku has just announced that he has uncovered a teleological imprint within the mathematical underpinnings of physical reality. This series has interesting parallels and is significantly concordant with a recently released book "The Supra-Intelligent Design".

Together they give one a very modern idea of the nature of God. This book is a start to learning about the nature of reality.

Just be sure you know how to approach it. Understand that this is a book that depends heavily on first principles and the reader's ability to intuit concepts that are seldom discussed in regular conversation. Having read it twice, I can honestly say that this series requires several passes over to truly appreciate.

That should be a hint for those find this material repetitive. There is good reason for that. A significant challenge to be overcome in this series is the fact that many of the concepts introduced depend on an intuitive understanding.

Take the principle of sufficient reason. It gets mentioned over and over and over again, but unless you can discover for yourself how it is not only true but MUST be true you'll be at a loss. Once you do find the appreciation, however, it is an eyeopening experience, and if you are the caliber of person these books were written for it will be exactly what you have been looking for for a long time. So, who was this written for.

Well, if your attitude towards life is to structure your perception and opinions around what is most convenient then it isn't for you. If you pick and choose religious groups based on the music or who you wish to hang out with, it isn't for you.

If you prefer to talk yourself into believing things in order to get along with other, it isn't for you. This book was written for people who genuinely want to know what it is all about. It was written for people who value their intellectual integrity. Also, even though this book is decidedly anti-Abrahamist and non-atheistic, do not make the mistake that Deepak Chopra fans will have much to gain. This book will not tell you how to reverse aging and the author is not vague about his positions.

He is nuanced, but not vague. The purpose is not to deliver a message that is well liked or positive. It also bares mentioning that this is not a science text.

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Someone who reads and understands the content will understand why it is not relevant that scientists were not interviewed. This book discusses metaphysics, which science regards as wasted effort. And science is of course correct so far as its methodology is concerned. Empiricist study, by its nature, can never answer the questions this book attempts to answer because empiricist study can never reveal first principles.

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So, there are more books to follow this one. I offer that if this material appeals to you, you should expect years or decades of effort. Once first principles are properly understood, it would then behoove everyone to begin looking up supplementary material.

It would be wise to begin studying the actual mathematics that this series is based off of. It is difficult understanding much of the text if you are unable to visualize the mathematics they are discussing. A lot of the writing is very abstract and attempts to describe mathematical concepts to the layman.

Imagine someone trying to explain Fourier Transforms with just text to the unintiated and you will get the idea. Good lord what if the good lord turned out to be the bad lord, this is what this series of books is all about. There is much more to existence than being ruled over by an imaginary lord of emotions.

Let the lord of reason guide you to divinity,the knowledge of all things. That what you are seeking is actually your self. You need to come to grips with the indoctrination of your forefathers, escape the archaic mindset and become the god in the God series. You have your truth on this statement.

One click in the left direction is all that is required. And that is the Truth with capital 'T'. The Pythagorean Illuminati explains in this series of books, the ontological mathematical nature of reality.

How we ourselves are mathematical entities that seek self-optimozation through rationalism and could tless lifetimes of trials until we reach the final stage of becoming Gods.

Read the God Series. Witness the eternal light of reason. Do the math. Become perfect.

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