Access our list of over free and paid book promotion sites and top book promo submission tools to List of promotion websites for free ebook advertising . Now, social advertising and PPC campaigns are great (if expensive) ways to Before going all out on promoting the eBook on different platforms, first you need . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Professor of Marketing at San Diego State University. site Store · site eBooks · Business & Money.

Ebook Advertising And Promotion

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Professor and chairman of the Marketing department at site Store · site eBooks · Business & Money. Jul 6, Here's a list of the best book promotion sites that offer a range of options in a number of genres to promote your eBook. Jan 24, I've heard from two authors who've run free day promotions without advertising, and heard crickets in response. Don't wait until the last minute.

5 Great Ways To Promote Your eBook Via Facebook

Here is my new eBook. Download it now! You can repurpose some of your eBook content for this. Everyone may not be willing to go directly to the landing page and download the main asset, so by promoting other posts alongside your eBook, you will give visitors a different reason for them to check out your site.

How To Promote An eBook When You Have No Money For Advertising

Here is a great example from HubSpot : Ready for the next tip on how to use supporting content formats? Great: make quick infographics. There are many ways and platforms where you can share them and attract your prospects to your landing page.

You can use free default templates from Canva to quickly create a bunch of infographics. Simply convert your slides into a video or use Lumen5 which allows you to quickly convert your blog posts to high-quality videos for free: 4.

Go all-out on social media You can still promote your offering and reach your prospects on social media without spending a lot of money.

Social teasers are a critical aspect of your overall eBook social promotional campaign. These teasers can be actionable tips, quick how-tos, interesting facts or key quotes from your eBook, presented in interesting and relevant content formats videos, images, etc. Build some pre-launch hype among your followers by promoting the supporting content blog posts, images and videos. Put the eBook banner as the cover photo.

Group admins hate spammers. Pin the eBook post to your page.

Use a lot of video teasers. Change your cover photo to the eBook banner and pin the eBook tweet to your feed. Tweet at least 10 times a day. Neil Patel claims that by increasing his number of tweets from 1 to 10, his monthly visits skyrocketed from 1, to 4, LinkedIn Add the landing page link to the publication section of your profile and include a testimonial or a positive review of the eBook in the description box, as below.

Post social teasers times a day.

Join groups where you think you can promote your asset and start engaging with other group members. Just remember, LinkedIn is a professional network. Group admins will not tolerate spam — craft your messages carefully so they are still relevant to the group and add value. Linkedin even allows you to direct message 15 group members per month for free.

Pick 15 target prospects, engage with them by commenting on their posts and finally message them to check out your eBook.

Pinterest Create a separate group board dedicated to your eBook social teasers in this case, infographics and images. You can use Pingroupie to find boards relevant to your category. Reach out to the board owners and ask them to accept your contribution.

A single post on these boards can drive a ton of traffic to your landing page! Post social teasers images and videos continuously times a day and ask people to check out the eBook by clicking on the link in your bio. Search for users who have used your related hashtags and DM them to take a quick look at your offering.

Gary Vaynerchuk clearly explains how to use the Instagram DM for networking in this article.

Free and Paid Book Promotion Services in 2019

Youtube Create a channel and post video teasers with attractive titles. Be sure to add the eBook CTA in the video description box! According to the social media giant, infographics are liked 4x more than presentations.

Upload all of the supporting presentations I mentioned earlier. The most powerful ebook promotion in my mind is my five KDP Select free ebook days.

Every time I reach a new ninety-day rollover, I set up the five free days for the coming ninety days. I always split the days into for every thirty days. I never promote my free ebook days, but after every promotion, I sell ebooks, so I know it works.

I use auto-posting of my books to Twitter and Facebook. This is set to post on a schedule of about once every thirty-six hours.

But I get Likes, Retweets and Favourites, so people do see them and interact positively, so it must be beneficial. I have my own book promotion site , so naturally, my books are queued and promoted there about once a month, and it helps attract sales.

Nothing else. This may not be for every author, but one thing is certain. I do not spend much time on ebook promotion. It has probably taken me longer to write this post than what I have spent in total on book promotion in the last three months. All I can say is that it works for me.My personal view is that self-publishing, like any other business, needs advertising and promotion.

Make a list of all the sites with good online authority, then pitch a guest post. A single post on these boards can drive a ton of traffic to your landing page!

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siteGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. If your goal is lead generation, promoting your eBook instead of your main product makes you look less salesy and more helpful in your cold emailing campaigns. But for that to happen, you need to have a good following.

Feel free to connect with The SMarketers for a free marketing review and evaluate your current marketing efforts.

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