Sin City. Other name: Sin City: The Hard Goodbye The hulking tough guy called Marv has assigned himself to avenge the only lady he ever loved. He must . Batman Year One [Frank Miller] SIN CITY Frank Miller Dc Comics Graphic Novel - Batman - A Death in the Family. Getting the books sin city vol 1 the hard goodbye now is not type of inspiring means. You could not 1: The Hard Goodbye pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition.

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Marv becomes determined to find Goldie's killer and immediately goes to his mother's house to retrieve his gun. His mother informs him that some men came by the house looking for him.

Sin City, Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye

By this time, Marv goes to the bar to hide out but unfortunately two assassins come and attack him. Before he kills the two men, he forces them tell him who sent them. Continuing his investigation, he is led to priest who then tells him to question the leading family in Sin City and the cardinal of the church, Roark. Marv follows the trail of clues to an abandoned farm where the serial killer, Kevin, is keeping his victims heads as trophies.

He also discovers that Kevin kidnapped his parole officer, Lucille and had eaten her hand. Marv and Lucille manage to escape. Although, when the cops show up to the scene, Lucille is murdered by a corrupt cop. Marv is able to escape the cops but not before he forces their leader to reveal Roark's name. During Marv's journey he comes across Goldie's twin sister, Wendy.

Wendy is also a prostitute and together they decide to go after the cardinal.

The Hard Goodbye

They approach Roark's home and confront him about the murders and his cannibalistic actions. Marv kills the cardinal after hearing him confess to the murders, especially Goldie's murder and his obsession with eating women.

Three hours later, he's awake and Goldie is dead. Before Marv has time to process what's happened, he hears sirens in the distance.

The cops are on the way. Marv fights his way out and disappears into the streets of Sin City.

Goldie is Marv's angel, the one woman who has been nice to him and given herself to him. He swears revenge on whoever killed her.

He goes to his mother's house and retrieves his gun, and there he discovers that some men came around, asking about him. Marv knows that whoever set him up is probably looking for him, so he goes to a bar and spreads the idea that he's been getting drunk and babbling about revenge.

Gone before a Goodbye

The next thing Marv knows, two assassins come after him. Marv tortures and kills them, getting the name of the person who sent him. They're too sloppy to be the murderer he's after, the one who killed Goldie. Marv finally follows the trail to a priest, and he thinks the name the priest gives him can't be right: Roark, part of the leading family of Sin City, and a cardinal in the church.


Marv follows the trail to a farm outside of the city, where he finds a serial killing cannibal, who eats women and keeps their heads as trophies. This is the man who killed Goldie, but he's also taken Marv's parole officer, Lucille, hostage and eaten her hand.

Marv and Lucille escape, but unfortunately the cops come to the scene.For the record, we believe the debate should be declared over with us as the victors based on this fact alone.

However it is unknown where it is placed relatively to "A Dame to Kill for". The series was reprinted in smaller sized digest -trades to tie-into the film, with covers designed by Chip Kidd.

This conclusion is based on 5 indisputable facts that our colleagues on the other side of the debate, while they may try, will be unable to answer or challenge in any cogent or compelling way. Marv is an ex-military man and a trained professional killer so naturally framing him would be easy. Dwight kills Ava.

Before he kills the two men, he forces them tell him who sent them.

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