Home · Pronunciation Games - Mark Hancock. Pronunciation Games - Mark Hancock. March 20, | Author: Benjamin Xochipa | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD. You are here. Home» Talks» Pronunciation Games for Spain. View talks by: PDF icon Mark Hancock Cambridge, MB. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. Pronunciation Games is a teacher s resource book containing photocopiable pronunciation games for.

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Pronunciation Games - Mark Hancock - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. In order to make pronunciation interesting. Pronunciation Review Game. For each group of players, you'll need: • A game board. • Dice. • A marker for each player (a small toy, eraser, coin, etc.). guessing activities and lively party-type games. • covers pronunciation points ranging from individual sounds and word stress to sentence stress and intonation .

7 Incredible Pronunciation Games Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know About

If students heard the two words you said as the same, they run to one wall. If the words differed in only one sound, they run to the other wall.

Start by preparing two numbered lists of words for your students. Some of the words on the lists should be the same while others should be minimal pairs. Students will go through the list reading each word and listening to the corresponding word their partner reads.

How to Solve ESL Student Pronunciation Problems

For each incorrect answer, the team receives a second penalty. The team with the fastest time wins the game.

Your students will practice their pronunciation and listening accuracy as they play. You will need several plastic cups—at least six per every two students in your class. Give each group of four a stack of cups to put on their table.

Pronunciation Games - Mark Hancock

Each round, students will write a minimal pair on the cups—one word per cup. You can write the minimal pairs on your board and have students copy them on the cups make sure they write the word on both sides of each cup before setting the cups between one person from each team. These two players, who are sitting, are the listeners for that round. They will choose the cup with the word that they hear a third player say.

The other two players are the speaker and the judge.

One will say the word and the other will make sure there are no problems with that round of play. After students have their cups ready, have the speaker and the judge come up and look at a word you have written down before returning to their group. The word should be one of the words in the minimal pair you just wrote on the board. The listeners will race to grab the cup with that word written on it.

Whichever person grabs the cup with the right word gets to keep the cup. Play another round with another minimal pair, but this time the judge becomes the speaker and vice versa.

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Each team will use the cups they earn to build a six-cup tower. After two rounds, have the listeners become the speaker and judge. Play until one pair has their six-cup tower complete. The winners then get to knock down both towers. Say It Again, Sam This silly game will get your students talking and laughing as they try to say the same sentence as many different ways as possible while practicing intonation and inflection. Start by dividing your students into two teams.

One student from each team comes to the front of the room. The first student tells you an emotion he will try to communicate through a sentence surprise, anger, frustration, disappointment, excitement, etc. It can be an original sentence or one you provide. Her team then guesses the emotion behind her words.

Keep going back and forth between the two players until one of two things happens: The speaker is not able to think of another way to say the sentence. When that happens, the point goes to the other team. Play until one team reaches a score of five. Bingo Bingo is always a great go-to game for teaching English.

In this version, students will practice their listening accuracy, since good listening is key to good pronunciation. Give each student a blank bingo board and have them write different target sounds in the open spaces. You might want to give them a list to choose from.

Then, rather than calling numbers, you will say a word to your class. Extra info: Pronunciation lessons can be both fun and focussed.

In this session, we will look at 8 features of English pronunciation which are of particular relevance for Spanish speaking learners of English. These will include vowels, spelling of vowels, consonants, clusters, word stress, stress patterns, tonic syllables and joined up speech.

Each feature will be explained, contrasted with Spanish and demonstrated with example games. The Valencia event is on May 21st here: Search form Search. Calendar of events April.

Red letter days highlight talks and events, click the date or month to read more Thanks Alan! Alan Marsh.

Pronunciation Teaching in a Lingua Franca Context. Thanks for answering.

Rafael Filibert Thanks for this feedback,.Whenever the opportunity arises, you can remind them of these pronunciation lessons and minimal pairs when those minimal pair words pop up again in speaking, listening and reading lessons. Tom straightened the knot on his tie. Then say another word, eliminating students as necessary, until only one student remains standing.

It also includes a short matching synonym activit Just choose from one of our top ten most popular pronunciation worksheets - or browse through the collection in thumbnail view, so you can see a snapshot of each worksheet before you download it.

Next, they are asked to use their dictionaries They will choose the cup with the word that they hear a third player say.

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